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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chan calls on PNG Government to revoke Allied Gold mining license

THE national government must be blamed for all the environment damage on Simberi Island and immediately revoke Allied Gold Limited’s mining license. 

Member for Namatanai open Byron Chan aired his frustration after learning of the cyanide spill story carried by Post-Courier in its front page yesterday.

 “The government has totally failed my people. This is not the first time; there are many issues that need to be addressed by the government. But most importantly is the environment that we care about and the livelihoods of the island people,” the member said.

He said total negligence by the government has mounted to such and the people want the government to take decisive action in addressing the many environmental problems faced by the island people.

The member has strongly called on line agencies directly responsible for this such as the Mineral Resources Authority, Department of Environment and Conservation must take action in addressing the island woes.

“I had several meetings with landowners and they have expressed disgust at the developer, Allied Gold operations on the island. There was no proper environment assessment done. Rausim Allied Gold,” Mr Chan said.

He said the provincial government and the landowners are ready to take over the mine and as such want Allied Gold to quickly vacate the island. 

Meanwhile, Governor of New Ireland Sir Julius Chan also spoke out in support of the Simberi landowners and people with a blunt message for the mine developer to "get out of Simberi and New Ireland if you are not willing to consult, listen and negotiate amicably with local landowners".

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Anonymous said...

As a shareholder of allied gold I find the comments by both the minister and elderly chan harsh & offensive.we have developed the mine and injected far more community projects than both MPs have contributed with their dsip.both have been in power for 10 and 40 years respectively but have done nothing for tabar accept their annual visits where they demand locals place flowers around their neck.they speak for an hour on issues locals know nothing about then fly out on their family owned choppers like they were rulers over their domain.both leaders don't have a clue as to the issues faced by landowners.perhaps they are disgruntled because allied did not subsidize their family owned barge to transport our cargos.hmmmmm.