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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chan raises school transport standards in Namatanai

                                                                                    By TERENI KENS

WALKING long distance to attend school for students in the Namatanai electorate in New Ireland province is now a thing of the past.

Students can now be able to commute to school on their own school truck on time and without much hassle.

Local member Byron Chan is the driving force behind this new developmental change. Mr Chan usually known as “Man for the youth” knows what’s best for the students.

“I always believe that today’s youths are potential leaders for tomorrow and this is true in itself. That’s why I want to see students in my electorate given the best education and the facilities to use such as generator sets, computers, and internet and satellite discs. By doing this I’m building the best primary schools to be par with any urban schools,” he said.

Mr Chan’s aim is to have Namatanai become the model electorate in the country by providing transport services for all its primary, secondary and technical schools. He said it was his (Mr Chan) commitment in improving the quality of education in the electorate and province as a whole.

In a recent electoral visit MP Chan together with Governor, Sir Julius Chan delivered three vehicles to schools on the west-coast Namatanai in the Sentral Niu Island LLG and one in the Namatanai urban LLG. This includes Lahur, Panaras, Kulot and Messi.

Mr Chan who is also the Joint District Priority & Budget Priority Committee Chairman (JDP&BPC) so far provided for in the budget more than K1 million this year to buy trucks for schools thus, complimenting the provincial government’s free and subsidised education policy.
He noted that the trucks will not only help schools but the local communities as well and urged the various school boards to take good care of them. 

Also the schools that benefited from this programme last year include Logogo Primary School, Namatanai Secondary and Vocational School, Fonly Township on Tanga Island. Others include Sohun and Matantiduk primary schools on the east-coast and Ulaputur, Labur, Kabanos, Tubuana and Palabong on the west-coast of Namatanai.

The other schools that the MP announced will benefit are Lihir primary where three 25-seater buses will be delivered together with several speed-boats in the next three weeks.

Meanwhile, apart from the trucks the member is also embarking on quality education and will be sponsoring local teachers to attend Lahara courses and curriculum development training by next year.

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