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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chan cautions opposition over Sir Michael’s health

MINING minister Byron Chan has cautioned the opposition and individuals not to compromise the grand chief Sir Michael Somare’s health with politics.  

He urged those responsible that what they have done is not right and had put the grand chief’s life at risk.

“I’m deeply concern about Sir Michael’s health and wellbeing and that this action alone by those with vested interest or for political gain has already put the life of the nation’s founding father at risk,” minister Chan said.

He made the statement after learning that several individuals decided to bring back Sir Michael from his sick bed in Singapore just to attend parliament this week.

Speaking as a close son and with family ties going back decades minister Chan said, “We don’t have proper medical facilities in the country to sustain Sir Michael’s life especially when he has gone through three surgeries. He is better off in Singapore then being forced out to take a long journey to PNG”.

He noted that the courtroom experience Sir Michael had previously before being flown to Singapore is a different case scenario then if he is to be forced to sit in parliament on Tuesday after undergoing three critical surgeries and with all the pressures from MPs.

“I’m very mindful of this and who knows we might lose the father of this nation in the process. I need to see those responsible to think more mature and not play politics at the outset. Life of Sir Michael is important than playing petty politics,” the minister reiterated.   

Minister Chan who is also the Member for Namatanai said those minorities that try to use the grand chief in attempt to regain parliament and power will have a detrimental effect on Sir Michael’s life and the family as well.

“The government has always maintained that we will not put stress and duress on the chief’s life but to see him enjoy life after politics with his family. However, we should not be seen responsible for the acts by handful of politicians in the opposition.

“If you force grand chief to come in and try to correct what seems to be wrong is totally irresponsible for leaders in the opposition,” he said.   

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