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Monday, September 20, 2010

Chan partners with youths

MP Chan presenting awards at last year's (2009) Byron Cup tournament, Namtanai.
INTEGRATED Human Development (IHD) in sports is the key to overall development of a locality, province and country and comes with it responsibility.

Also having healthy society stems from educating one to be more productive in community oriented activities for the benefit of all.

And for the first time Member for Namatanai, Byron Chan has captured this as a means to develop youths in his district by giving them that opportunity and much needed training especially in sports administration.

Currently, a team from the provincial government’s community development branch was called on by Mr Chan to conduct IHD workshops for youths in his electorate.

They have traveled to three places within the district including Tabar, Tanga, Anir thus teaching the youths how to run their own sporting clubs and other awareness programs.

Mr Chan who is the man for the youths in thanking the IHD officers said, “It’s a good program and I believe the youths appreciated the service you have provided.” 

Also they will be conducting similar workshops and awareness in Sentral and west coast Sentral as well. Former provincial youth rep. Daniel Tomarai and Patrick Sian are coordinating the program.

This is in preparation for the constituency tournaments next month in each LLGs before the district tournament in Namatanai – the popular ‘Byron’s Cup’.

Mr Chan said youths play an important role in a community and therefore the IHD program is one way in which they can develop their skills and become active participants in the development process within the district, province and country as a whole.

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