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Namatanai Map
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Drought hits Namatanai

PEOPLE in the Kandas area of west coast of Namatanai in New Ireland are bracing themselves for hunger as the long dry spell begins to take its toll.

Men and women from Waptu, Pukpuk, Semalu and Kabotan villages are reportedly walking distances to Tampakar, Kamdaru and Siaman villages to either buy food or seek relief assistance from relatives as the situation worsens.

A local, Wesley Bupalau, who was on holidays at Semalu village witnessed food and cash crops as well as ordinary tree withering and dying while bushfires have become a frequent occurrence.

He said the heat from the sun was so hot that people could not even walk around bare feet or even work in the open and the ground had also become so hot that food crops were dying.

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