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Monday, September 20, 2010

Leaders call on Sir J to implement decision

THREE presidents of Namatanai district have called on Governor Sir Julius Chan and members of the Provincial Executive Council (PEC) to quickly implement the decision to return 10 percent royalty from Kavieng district to Namatanai district as per the principle of derivation.

They said the principle of derivation were “more” is given, more must be received” is not happening with this arrangement.

The three presidents are from the Namatanai, Konoagil and Tanir Local Level Governments (LLGs). The presidents and Joint District Priority and Budget Priority Committee (JDP&BPC) in Namatanai have fully endorsed and supported the Provincial Governments PEC decision to give back 10 percent royalty to Namatanai District.

They said the current arrangement of 20 percent Kavieng and 20 percent Namatanai deprives the people of Namatanai to develop.

The presidents called on the Nimarmar LLG and the landowners of Lihir to support the Namatanai JDP&BPC and the PEC decision.

They have also expressed their concern for the lack of money to develop their respective LLGs and various development opportunities to take place in Namatanai, as it will cater for Lihir after the mine closes.

“When the mine closes in Lihir, Lihirians will come back to Namatanai, and Namatanai must be ready, that’s why we need the extra 10 percent royalty for our district.”

Meanwhile, New Ireland Governor, Sir Julius Chan has recently urged resource owners on the gold-rich Lihir Island to plan for life after the mine and not allow the windfall takings and the good life to cloud their judgment about the real need for sustainability into the future.

“There are no benefits from a mine if those benefits only last as long as the mine lasts and disregards the future generations of Lihirians and New Irelanders.”

“We have learned we need to prepare for the end of the life of a mine.”  “We have learned we need to make good investments, sustainable an investment throughout the life of a mine if our people are to live better, not only for the next ten or fifteen years but for many, many years after the mine has closed,” said Sir Julius.

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