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Friday, February 18, 2011

New Ireland supports ABG president's call over PNG government's lack of support

NEW Ireland supports ABG President John Momis taking Waigani to task over its handling of Bougainville affairs and the all important Bougainville peace agreement aligning Autonomy and the question of Referendum.

Responding to the statement by president Momis in one of the dailies the New Ireland deputy governor, Florence Stocken said New Ireland is sympathetic to the struggle and frustration of Bougainville for lack of support and consistency from Waigani in the disbursement of powers and functions and the budget to implement them.

“President Momis made bold statements signifying the mood of restlessness and questions in the minds of Bougainvilleans that deserve to be answered,” said Mrs Stocken.

She said the Bougainville peace agreement is binding on the ABG and the national government to sustain and nurture but the open challenge by president Momis goes to show yet again the failure by the national government to honour legally binding commitments made with his own people as with the case of the Lihir MOA with the New Ireland people.

“In view of the treatment New Ireland is getting from the national government, we fully support Bougainville independence as the way forward for the people of the autonomous region to determine their own future.”

Mrs Stocken further added, “The treatment given to Bougainville people goes to show the national government cannot be trusted and New Ireland has continuously signaled this scenario and stands alongside Bougainville to seek maximum freedom to govern its people.”

“In fact the State gives more time and hearing to big foreign owned and controlled companies like Exxon Mobil, Lihir Gold, Madang Nickel and forest industry players in a country of immense diversity and strong ethnicity differences.   The only relief and maintenance of securing unity is fairness, justice and trust,” said deputy governor Stocken.

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