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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Old and disabled get paid in NIP

UPNG Journalism Student 

THE Old and Disabled pension payout in New Ireland Province is still underway, with one more LLG to go, which is Tikana Local Level Government.

The payment of the old and disabled begun before the festive season at the end of 2010 thus went into the Christmas and New Year, 2011, covering seven of the nine LLG’s in the province.

Murat, Lovongai, Namatanai, Sentral, Nimamar, Konoagil, and Tanir LLG’s have been given their old and disabled monies, while Kavieng Urban LLG is currently in progress, and Tikana LLG follows directly after.

Disabled get paid
According to the Governor Sir Julius Chan, “all outstanding pensions for the Old and Disabled were bundled together-two quarters in 2009 of K180 and full year in 2010 of K360, to be paid in a lump sum of K540.”

Reports by the people onthe outcome of the old and disabled payouts in the various LLG’s, have been mainly positive,with a lot of expression of gratitude and praise for the current Government, for its recognition of the old and disabled.

There have also been some complaints by the people regarding the Listings used to do payouts. Some people whose names were supposed to be on the list were not included, while those whose names were not supposed to be on the list had their names on the list.

The Provincial Government has been made aware of the complaint, and is now looking into the issue to take appropriate action, thus fix it, before the next payout of the old and disabled.

Meanwhile, the provincial government officers are working around the clock to distribute the old and disabled pension in the Kavieng Urban LLG, before they continue on to the final LLG-Tikana.

The Governor expressed regret and apologised to his people for the delay in delivering payments to the people.

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