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Monday, September 20, 2010

Tanir LLG gets K2m

MEMBER for Namatanai Byron Chan has commended the provincial government for allocating K2 million for the people of Tanga and Anir or Tanir Local Level Government (LLG) in his electorate.

Speaking during the recently concluded combined patrol he said for a very long time Tanir LLG with its growing population has never had such a big budget allocation by previous governments and this is the first of its kind under the current governor Sir Julius Chan.

Mr Chan said with this type of funding at least there is little change in terms of development on the islands of Tanga and Anir.

“I want to thank the people of Anir for giving the mandate for Sir Julius return. Now we have the capacity to do work in the Namatanai district.”

“I want to make it clear for the people of Anir that you’re lucky that you have a president who is from Anir and it would be hard for anyone to contest against him. He will make sure services are delivered.”

He however clarified misinformation concerning the misappropriation of monies belonging to the island’s LLG saying the allegations are not true.

“I have to tell you that inside the budget books of the LLG there’s no misappropriation. The monies for project from the royalty and my DSIP (District Support Improvement Project) funds are intact.

“The only minor problem is the implementation of projects from the member’s DSIP funds where it takes on a long process before the money is actually released and given to each LLGs.”

Tanir LLG president Bruno Parbil also confirmed that there are hiccups on the part of administration in terms of implementation because of change of officers.

“Projects dating back to 2007 have not been implemented because new officers do not know exactly where to start and that is the delay. For 2008 DSIP funds is parked in the district treasury in Namatanai and it has not been utilized yet. It’s under the administration control. For 2009 and 2010 DSIP funds it needs documentation and the onus now is on public servants in the districts and LLGs to document projects in order to access the funds.”   

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